In this 2020 NFL mock draft, we take a look at an interesting first-round scenario. The Latest 2020 NFL Mock Draft contains all relevant changes as per retirements, injuries, prospect rankings (now that the college football season as started, and any other external influences on our mock drafts. Latest 2020 NFL Mock Draft. Take control of your favorite team(s) and simulate what a version of the 2021 NFL Draft could look like. With the NFL regular season behind us, the 2020 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching.

The re-signings, signings, trades and releases have come at rapid rate, and they have quickly changed what to expect in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.
In this 2020 NFL mock draft, I’m projecting two teams trade up for quarterbacks. 2020 NFL Mock Draft 7 Rounds. Our 2020 NFL Mock Draft 7 Rounds will appear after the current NFL season. Within the next couple of weeks, we will have the Senior Bowl and not long after that, the entire league will head to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine. Perhaps you are going to control the Bears in a 3-round mock draft, or you are going to control every team in a 1-round mock draft simulation.

The 2020 NFL Draft is finally here. Something that I want to make clear is that this is a projection of what I think teams will do, not what I would do. The 2020 NFL Draft is mercifully only one day away, and we have a final NFL mock draft for you to enjoy to pass the hours.

NFL free agency is here. 2020 NFL Mock Draft: Four-round projections Former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (13) will likely force teams to trade up in the first round of the NFL Draft for him if he’s completely healthy. The Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock first in this 2020 NFL mock draft.

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