The primary purpose of defining an external table is to access and execute queries on data stored outside the Hive.

Fundamentally, there are two types of tables in HIVE – Managed or Internal tables and external tables. An external table is a table that describes the schema or metadata of external files. Finally, I executed select statement on this table and getting 4 records as expected.

Introduction to External Table in Hive. Create table on weather data. IF NOT EXISTS. CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE myTable (key STRING, value INT) LOCATION 'oci://[email protected]/myDir/' where myDir is a directory in the bucket mybucket . STATUS ) setting table property external.table.purge=true, will also delete the data.
Hive does not manage, or restrict access, to the actual external data. But IMHO it is very wise to maintain the default convention - Keep your internal (managed) tables in the /apps/hive/warehouse location, and your external tables away from the /apps/hive/warehouse location. A Hive external table allows you to access external HDFS file as a regular managed tables. The external keyword is used to specify the external table, whereas the location keyword is used to determine the location of loaded data. In this article, we will check on Hive create external tables with an examples.

Hive metastore stores only the schema metadata of the external table. Typically, for an external table you include a LOCATION clause to specify the path to the HDFS directory where Impala reads and writes files for the table. This flag is implied if LOCATION is specified.. Can create table back and with the same schema and point the location of the data. If myDir has subdirectories, the Hive table must be declared to be a partitioned table with a partition corresponding to each subdirectory.

You can notice location clause at the end specifying ‘ /user/pkp/kar-data’ where hive should expect actual data. When an EXTERNAL table is dropped, its data is not deleted from the file system. When you create an external table in Hive (on Hadoop) with an Amazon S3 source location is the data transfered to the local Hadoop HDFS on: external table creation; when quires (MR jobs) are run on the external table; never (no data is ever transfered) and MR jobs read S3 data. The table uses the custom directory specified with LOCATION.Queries on the table access existing data previously stored in the directory. You can join the external table with other external table or managed table in the Hive to get required information or perform the complex transformations involving various tables. The default location of Hive table is overwritten by using … Partitioning an external table Partitioning external tables works in the same way as in managed tables.

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